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Through innovative additive manufacturing, Nunami Labs is changing the game for smart sensing and microwave frequency technologies for autonomous vehicles (AV), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), telecommunications, industrial automation, aerospace, and military applications.

Nunami Labs Luneburg Lens
Our production flexibility, your perfect solution. The Luneburg lens antenna can be applied to any application seeking a reliable, lightweight, and high performance solution for radio communications. Our lower frequency systems can be tailored to telecommunication infrastructure, thereby increasing wireless data capacity. Higher frequency offerings cater to applications that require more specific system constraints, such as those in the military and aerospace industries.The lightweight property of our solutions also allows flexibility for systems with strict weight requirements or a need for mobility.
Nunami Labs crafts sensor technologies for self-driving cars that enable vehicles to see and understand their surroundings, creating a safer road ahead. We are developing an automotive radar system that offers 360-degree coverage, a 200 meter range, a small form factor, and is unaffected by weather.

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At Nunami Labs, we believe continuous innovation is the baseline for living. Through operating on the cutting-edge, we can find new solutions for our customers and improve world efficiency.

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